Commercial Collections

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Consumer vs. Commercial Collections

Collections can be classified into two basic types:

· Consumer collections
· Commercial collections

Consumer collections involve collection activities that occur between a business and a consumer. These are purchase of goods and services by the consumer are primarily for personal or household use.  Our firm does not handle consumer collections.

Commercial collection deals with debts owed from one business to another.  One of the businesses may be a sole proprietor (an individual conducting business under an assumed or trade name), but that does not make the individual a consumer.  The purchase in a commercial action is between businesses where the goods or services being purchased are primarily for business use.

Some of the typical collections we handle for our clients are:

Direct Mail Advertising including:

General Merchandise including:

  • General Business Receivables
  • Non-Payment for Goods and/or Services Delivered
  • Suit on a Open Account
  • Breach of Contract

Freight Claims including:

  • Against Consignor/Shipper
  • Against Consignee/Receiver
  • Against Freight Forwarder/Broker
  • For more information, see Transportation Law

Construction Materials & Labor including:

  • Materialman’s Liens
  • Subcontractor’s Liens
  • General Contractor’s Liens
  • Statutory Liens & Constitutional Liens