A Holographic Will Is Better Than Nothing… But Not Much!

Texas is one of the states that recognize a holographic Will.  A holographic Will is a hand-written will.  In order to be valid, it must meet certain requirements.  It must all be in the testator’s (person making the Will) handwriting, must show testamentary intent (show that they intended to make a Will), and be signed by the testator.

Generally, holographic Wills are more expensive to probate, since they usually do not include the language necessary for a less involved administration.   Also, you may not know how to set it up to do everything that you want.  However, a holographic Will is better than having no Will at all.

If you are going on a trip and do not yet have a Will, you might consider preparing a holographic Will as a stop-gap until you return and can have an attorney prepare one for you.

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