Business Succession Planning – Who Can Write Checks?

Many of our clients have small businesses. Some may be the sole owner, or only have a few other people involved in their organization. So what happens if the principal person that is running the business suffers from some type of disability or dies? What happens to the […]

I Have Never Met Some Of My Clients

As strange as it may seem, I have never met some of my clients face to face. The attorneys in our firm are licensed to practice law in the State of Texas, which means that we are able to help clients with their legal needs if they live anywhere in Texas, or if they claim Texas as their […]

Do You Have An Emergency Plan?

Recently we have heard of families and businesses forced to flee with short notice due to the threat of wildfires. Hurricane season is also upon us, so there is the possibility of future evacuations due to hurricanes. Every person and every business should have an emergency plan. Do you have […]

Where Is Your Corporate Book?

Do you know where your corporate book is at? If you don’t, you should try to find […]

Can Helping Someone Actually Hurt Them?

How can helping someone hurt them? By leaving a child or a loved one a gift in your Will, could you really be causing them more problems? The answer is […]

Beware! You May Lose Your Right To Trial!

Sometimes what seems like a good idea, or seems “fair” when quickly looked at can have far reaching and unintended consequence. There is some proposed legislation in Texas under House Bill No. 274 that could have a substantial impact on your right to even have a trial. Let me explain […]

Where Is Your Will And Who Knows Where To Find It?

If you have prepared a Will, congratulations!  One study showed that 66% of all Americans do not even have a Will.  However, another study showed that of those folks that actually prepared Wills, close to 80% could not readily locate it.

Where are you keeping your Will, and who knows were to […]

Important - File Franchise Tax Returns, Even If No Tax Is Due!

It is important to file your franchise tax returns, even if no tax is due.

Most people form entities, such as corporations, in an attempt to protect themselves from personal liability for business debt.  However, if the corporate privileges are forfeited for failure to file a franchise tax report, or failure to pay taxes […]

New Requirements For Businesses In This Coming New Year

The 2010 health care act, also known as “Obama Care” included a few short sentences that will have a substantial impact on all businesses in this country. […]

What Will The New Year Bring For Estate Taxes?

An end of year deal was recently struck between Congress and President Obama to extend the Bush tax cuts for two years. The new law also provides estates up to a $5 million exemption from paying federal estate tax ($10 million exemption for couples), and set the estate tax rate at 35 […]