What Do They All Have In Common?

What do Abraham Lincoln, Howard Hughes, Martin Luther King, Jr., Kurt Cobain, Sonny Bono, and Marvin Gaye have in common?  They all died without a valid Will.  As many as 66% of Americans don't have a Will, according to Consumer Reports. Do you have a Will?

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Small Estate Affidavit

A small estate affidavit is only an option when there is no Will, and it would pass the property to the heirs of the deceased. If you have a Will and there are no Debts owed by the estate, other than those secured by an interest in real property (like a mortgage),...

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Disqualified to Serve as Executor?

Under Texas law, if you have ever been convicted of a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude (such as embezzling funds), you are automatically disqualified from serving as an Executor and received Letters Testamentary or Letters of Administration.  There is no...

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You Don’t Automatically Get The House

In Texas, you don't automatically get the house just because your spouse dies. Your spouse can leave their share to whomever they wish in their Will, otherwise the laws of intestacy say who gets their share. You might wind up owning your home with your in-laws... Kid...

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Prepare Your Minutes of Annual Meetings

Texas corporations are required to have an annual meeting of shareholders and an annual meeting of directors. These meetings and their proper documentation are very important. There should be two sets of Minutes from the annual meetings; the Minutes of the Annual...

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Does the State of Texas have some of your money?

Many people have unclaimed property; from dormant bank accounts, to refunds from state agencies that have the wrong mailing address, to heirs of an estate that haven't been located. Check to see if you have unclaimed property in the State of Texas at the link below....

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