Check Your Credit Report For Free Each Year

Getting your credit report each year is very important, especially with so much identity theft these days. I recommend that you get your free credit reports from the 3 reporting agencies at one time, securely and on-line, at They...

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Should I Let Them Take A Default Judgment?

Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing to do. Our office has received several calls from people that have been sued for credit card or similar debt that they have not been able to pay due to financial difficulty. They don’t dispute that the money is owed. They just...

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What are Community and Separate Property?

Texas is a community property state, which means that you may own both community property and separate property. If you are not married, then all of your property is separate property.  If you are married, then when and how you acquired the property will determine its...

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There Is No Debtor’s Prison in the United States

I just received a call from a woman in tears because a collection agency was threatening to have her thrown in jail for non-payment of a credit card debt.  I told her to rest easy. First of all, we don’t have Debtor’s Prison in this country for the non-payment of a...

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Bradie Blog

Bradie, Bradie & Bradie welcomes your ideas.  Please add a comment below and let us know what legal items or issues are on your mind.

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