Basic Will Checklist

1.  Your full name:

2.  Your spouses/primary beneficiary’s full name:

3.  Your County of Residence:

4.  The full name of each child/alternate beneficiaries:

5.  Name and Address of Alternate Executor(s):

6.  Name and Address of Preferred Guardian and then Alternate Guardian:

7.  Name and Address of Preferred and Alternate Trustee:

8.  Age at which child gets their trust: (18, 21, 25):

9.  Distribution: 

A.  Per stirpes (grandchildren get their deceased parent’s portion if your child predeceases you)

 B.  Per capita (estate is distributed among surviving children ONLY)

 C.  Per stirpes, but if all issue predecease, then per capita

10.  Residuary Estate: Name, Address (if charitable entity) or class (all my siblings, etc.):

11.  Specific Bequests:


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