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Michell Bradie has been my attorney for several years.  Recently, my wife, Ada passed away and Michell proceeded to probate the estate of Ada and Roger Brandemuehl.  She handled the probate proceedings flawlessly and professionally!  During this trying time in my life, Michell guided me through the entire process with compassion and due diligence!  I could not be more satisfied!
Roger Buck Brandemuehl, Conroe, TX

Michell was referred by a neighbor in our subdivision and she took care of our Estate Plan as if it was her own.  One meeting to review the desires of my wife and I and we quickly had the documents we needed to protect our wishes and most of all avoid lengthy probate in case something happens to one or both of us.  Her communication was in a language we could understand and readily answered anything we needed to have clarification.  In addition, she gave us tips and other forms available to accomplish property transfers with little or no hassle.  Would definitely recommend her if you need these services.
Doug Chandler, Magnolia, TX

Our experience with Michell Bradie of Bradie, Bradie and Bradie Law Firm was a very good one. From the first visit we felt very comfortable with her. Her explanations of what needed to be done were very clear. Michelle kept in touch with us on a regular basis and everything was done in a timely manner. Drafts were sent to us by email so that we could check everything on our schedule. We highly recommend Michell.
Susan Demusz, Magnolia, TX

After my dad passed away, suddenly and unexpectedly I decided it was time to get my affairs in order. I found this awesome firm through Nextdoor where the reviews were really good. Michell couldn’t have made the whole experience any easier! I had no idea what I was going into and she made me feel very comfortable and was happy to answer all of my questions, in person and through email. The process was smooth and easy and I highly recommend this firm.
Kathleen, Montgomery, TX

I HIGHLY recommend Michell and her firm for any of your estate needs. She was so thorough and explained everything perfectly. Michell was even kind enough to suggest forms I could fill out myself for free instead of paying an attorney. She completed my Will, provided me with originals, and sent me a PDF so I could share with family. She was so pleasant to work with and was also very reasonably priced. I have nothing but good things to say about Michell and her work, and I have recommended her to all of my family and friends.
Pamela Stinson, Houston, TX

My husband and I updated our will and powers of attorney with Michel in November 2020.  I asked her at the time “what do I (we) do if one of us dies”.  Her response was to call her.  My husband died unexpectedly a few months ago and I called her.  I was in a fog and didn’t know what to do.  Michell walked me through the entire process of probate, patiently answered many questions I seemed to repeat and handled the entire process efficiently and with a caring and compassionate attitude.  She took my hand and led me step by step.  I could never have done this without her guidance and am so grateful for all her help and the service she provided.  I highly recommend Michell Bradie for her expertise, communication skills and loving attitude.
Elyse Taylor, Magnolia, TX

We were very pleased with the service that Michell Bradie provided us in preparing our will and other important documents. She was very thorough and informed us of our choices and reasons for making certain choices. Michell is accessible and responds quickly to any questions or concerns you may have during and after the process. We would highly recommend her for any of your estate planning needs. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional.
Larry and Lisa Staggs, Montgomery, TX

Michell Bradie prepared our wills a number of years ago, and we met with her recently to have each updated. What is extraordinary about Michell Bradie is how quickly she answers your phone calls and emails and how patiently she listens to your individual circumstances and concerns.  With that,  Michell provided excellent and professional advice and she made sure that we did not leave until every question and concern was answered.

We are so grateful for her help and walked away confident that our wishes were made possible in the final documents.  We highly recommend the services of Michell Bradie if looking for someone who will give you undivided attention and prompt, thorough legal assistance.

Thank you, Michell.
Frank and Marlene Olszweski, Magnolia, TX

I wish to thank Michell Bradie for helping me with my Will.  I felt comfortable with her the moment I met her.  She was professional, prompt with returning my phone calls and emails.  She answered all of my questions in detail so I understood.  I will be happy to recommend Bradie, Bradie & Bradie to my family and friends.
Judy Bush, Conroe, TX

We needed to execute several estate planning documents. Michell was able to meet with us quickly and at a time that fits our schedule. We received excellent advice and were able to complete the entire process within a few days. Michell is very well versed in the laws of Texas and estate planning, I highly recommend Bradie, Bradie, & Bradie for your legal needs.
Dan Wimberley, Magnolia, TX

We were extremely satisfied with the services of Bradie, Bradie and Bradie.  Micheel was thoroughly professional, extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.  She answered all our questions completely and was at pains to make sure we had all the information we needed.  She explained everything in straightforward language with a minimum of “lawyerspeak”.  She was readily available with everything completed on time without delays.  We have no qualms in recommending her unreservedly to family and friends.
Jay Tombaugh, Magnolia, TX

We were extremely satisfied with the services of Bradie, Bradie and Bradie.  Micheel was thoroughly professional, extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.  She answered all our questions completely and was at pains to make sure we had all the information we needed.  She explained everything in straightforward language with a minimum of “lawyerspeak”.  She was readily available with everything completed on time without delays.  We have no qualms in recommending her unreservedly to family and friends.
Michael Dyke, Montgomery, TX

It was well past time to update our will, and we were delighted to find Bradie, Bradie and Bradie so close to home. We met with Michell Bradie who patiently listened to our circumstances.  Michell provided excellent and professional direction. One could clearly see that she is an expert in her field and has a passion for it.  Michell   was proficient as well as considerate of our concerns and wishes going through the process.  We learned so much and are fully confident and secure knowing that our last wishes will be carried out as intended.
— The Hueys, Magnolia, TX

Our neighbor recently recommended Bradie, Bradie & Bradie to us for our estate planning needs. The process was quick and painless. Michell was highly informative and covered every possible facet that we could have imagined in the event of a death. At no time did we feel rushed or dismissed for our questions. I agree with our neighbors’ recommendation wholeheartedly and will certainly recommend Bradie, Bradie & Bradie to our friends as well.
Sarah & Andrew Allman, Montgomery, TX

Michell prepared several estate documents for us and was very knowledgeable in estate law and patiently answered all of our questions. She was very easy to talk with and our documents were done in a very timely manner. We appreciated the very organized binder and the electronically transmitted final documents. We would gladly recommend Michell for anyone’s legal needs.
John and Susan Jones, Spring, TX

I would highly recommend Bradie, Bradie and Bradie. Michell Bradie took a lot of time to explain things and did not rush us through the process of creating our Wills and other documents. She was very thorough and completed the documents for us in a short amount of time.
Tracey Wilson, Magnolia, TX

It is my pleasure to recommend Bradie, Bradie & Bradie Attorneys At Law for probate and will services. They have done an excellent job for me in completing the probate process in Harris County courts. Michell has worked tirelessly to create the documents needed for my will, Powers of Attorney and other documents in a timely and effective manner. I have had the opportunity to use her on more than one occasion. All of the products have been produced in a timely and cost effective manner.
Michael Owens, Cypress, TX

Want the best Lawyer in Hays County? Step outside of Hays County and just go to Magnolia Texas and visit with Michell Bradie, Senior Partner of Bradie, Bradie and Bradie. Absolutely the best Estate and Business Law Lawyer in the State of Texas. Michell has clients throughout Texas. Knowledgeable, experienced and will answer ALL questions and do any legal work you require. Have known the Bradie family for years – we lived in the same subdivision in Houston many years ago. You will not be disappointed. Give her a call now.
Richard Blair, Austin, TX

I wish to thank Michell Bradie for helping me with my Will. I felt comfortable with her the moment I met her. She was professional, prompt with returning my phone calls and emails. She answered all of my questions in detail so I understood. I will be happy to recommend Bradie, Bradie & Bradie to my family and friends.
Judy Bush, Conroe, TX

We needed to execute several estate planning documents. Michell was able to meet with us quickly and at a time that fits our schedule. We received excellent advice and were able to complete the entire process within a few days. Michell is very well versed in the laws of Texas and estate planning, I highly recommend Bradie, Bradie, & Bradie for your legal needs.
Dan Wimberley, Magnolia, TX

Our work with Michell focused on estate planning (will, medical directives, powers of attorney, etc.) and we couldn’t be more pleased. Michell is an experienced and knowledgeable attorney, and just as important, she understands how to talk to her clients to ensure they truly understand all options and reasons for every decision. She patiently answered every question, guiding us through the entire process, step-by-step, explaining everything we needed to know. Michell’s goal isn’t to simply provide legal services – her goal is to have a positive impact on the lives of others.
Jay Tombaugh, Magnolia, TX

We were extremely satisfied with the services of Bradie, Bradie and Bradie. Micheel was thoroughly professional, extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. She answered all our questions completely and was at pains to make sure we had all the information we needed. She explained everything in straightforward language with a minimum of “lawyerspeak”. She was readily available with everything completed on time without delays. We have no qualms in recommending her unreservedly to family and friends.
Michael Dyke, Montgomery, TX

Recently, my wife and I contacted Ms. Michell S. Bradie to assist in updating our wills. She was very accommodating, thorough in every aspect in including all our desires and completed the finish product in a timely matter. we were very pleased with her patience and knowledge of the law. Michell was very professional throughout the entire process and provided us with a finished product for this important step in our lives.
Roger Brandemuehl, Temple, TX

Thank you very much Michell for your assistance in answering the questions that I had regarding my Mother’s estate. You are very knowledgeable and the information and direction that you provided me was very helpful to my family. Thank you so much.
Donald Anthony Craine, Houston, TX

Michel was amazing. I was seeking advice and Michel took time out to talk with me in depth over the phone and give me a referral. Without asking for anything in return from me, she was very genuine and showed tremendous compassion towards me. Michel has a wealth of knowledge and a big heart. Thank you
Karen, Magnolia, TX

I called Michelle regarding question on my Mothers estate. She was very informative and advised that she can not only handle the matter, but if I felt comfortable I could do it myself. This was NOT what I expected to hear when I called an Attorney for guidence. She guided me on how to process works and even though it was late in the day, she took her time to ensure that I had the information that I needed. Thee Honesty and upfront discussion was a breath of fresh air in the all too familiar world today, where individuals usually try to get everything they can from you! I would definitely use Bradie, Bradie, and Bradie law firm in the future and for all matters that require Honest and Educated guidance.
John Sterling, Magnolia, TX

Michell has gone above and beyond in providing help to us in settling my father’s estate and guiding us through that every step of the way. She is extremely professional and thorough and patiently took the time to explain the laws and processes necessary so that we came away with a clear understanding and path forward. Anytime that we have needed additional information, she has readily assisted us. She also helped us in preparing our own wills and powers of attorney which really is such a concrete way to show our love to our own family.
Scott and Laci Wright, Magnolia, TX

I was so impressed with Michell. She was so helpful. I could tell right away she was interested speaking with me about my probate question. Her advice was clear and forthright. She had my best interests in mind and she spent considerable time discussing my legal situation. This was a real surprise given I took the risk of calling her on a Friday night around 4:30! She goes above and beyond the call of duty to help others and you can tell from her advice and interest in the law that she loves her work dearly. I am truly grateful that she spent the time talking with me.
Jonna, Dallas, TX

I’m dealing with a very stressful situation where my uncle’s estate is going through probate in NV but he has a safe deposit box in TX. I emailed this law firm and they responded almost immediately! They gave me more information than any other attorney I’ve contacted so far! I’m so impressed and I sure wish they were in Hidalgo county where I need our legal stuff taken care of…. Thank you so much for your time, and thorough explanations!!!
Jennifer A., Franklin Park, IL

Hello! My mother recently died without a will, and I needed to get some information regarding how I might proceed. I sent questions via this website, and Michell quickly responded to them. Her answers enabled me to go through a small estate administration more effectively than if I had not had her help. After going through that process, I called again for information about how to process checks sent in her name, and she was very helpful. I really appreciate Michell and her assistance and would definitely pay for her services if I need them.
Tameka Miller, Dallas, TX

I posted a question on the Bradie-law web site, hoping for a brief answer. I was surprised at how fast Michell Bradie responded, and how she took the time to provide a very detailed answer that went way beyond what I expected. Her reply got me started in the right direction and took the mystery out of how I should proceed. Michell is obviously a very caring person.
Gene, Texas

So grateful for a prompt and professional email response from Michell! I had questions about which direction to go in taking care of my grandfather’s will which had not been probated and how to go about moving his property into my mother’s name. Michell helped educate me without sounding patronizing and although my case was too far away for her to take on, she made phone calls and referred me to another attorney’s office. Now, THAT’s customer service…
Ginny B, Snowmass Village, CO

We have interacted with Michell for many years in our community both personally and professionally. We have utilized her services to prepare wills and other legal documents. We were very impressed with her knowledge, competence, kindness, and most importantly her ability to listen to us and tailor the outcome to meet our needs. Though my husband is capable of handling financial matters, I evidence some weakness in this area. We are reassured that she will continue to support us throughout the process while providing expert legal advice. We are relieved that we now have necessary end of life documentation safely locked away for our offspring. It has been a very positive experience!!!
Linda & Tom Grayson, Magnolia, TX

Thank You for being there and not hesitating to help us when we needed it most. You were so kind and knowledgeable and made a difficult and somewhat frightening time an easier way to except and understand what we were facing. We can’t thank you enough for this. Michele and Rob are very Blessed to have you as a friend and so are we. Thank You again for all the help you gave us.
Marie & Phil Maraviglia, Houston, TX

When it comes to legal matters, we prefer to do one stop shopping. The firm of Bradie, Bradie & Bradie helped keep it all in the family.
Suzanne Tower, Athens, TX

Having had no luck exploring how to manage an out-of-state (my family lives in Arizona and owns property in Texas) estate concern, I reached out to Bradie, Bradie, & Bradie. I received a response to my e-mail from Michell almost immediately. We corresponded several times that same day. I am happy to share she has been able to assist us in resolving a concern that has been worrying us for sometime. I highly recommend this group for your legal needs!!!
Lynda Badke, Chandler, Arizona

Kelly BarnesPicMichell Bradie has been our lawyer for several years now. Anything from our wills to helping us set up our commercial rental property companies and contacting us when our minutes are required. It’s nice to know we have someone we can call and trust when we need advise and/or help. She is wonderful in every way. We recommend her highly. Thank you Michell. Five stars for a five star lady….Kelly and Jay Oswald
Kelly Barnes Oswald, Magnolia, Texas

Dear Ms. Bradie, I just wanted to take this time to thank you for all your help in getting all my papers drawn up and completed as quickly as you were able to. You made everything a very nice experience and I especially appreciated the time and way that you took to answer all my questions in a way that I was able to understand. Since, as we discussed, I have some difficulties do to a previous accident, you even went out of your way to allow my daughter and son-in-law the opportunity to be involved. I appreciated all the options and advice you were able to give me to guide us in being certain everything was in place as it needed to be and once it was completed I had such peace of mind that everything was taken care of properly.I would highly recommend you to anyone that was looking for an attorney. Especially if they are looking for one who will help walk them through whatever advice they need.Thank you for everything.
Jerri Moeller, Houston, Texas

My wife Shirley and I had ALL of our wills and medical forms updated recently with great professional treatment. Michell had prepared these previously but we had to make several changes. A big job done effortlessly by Michell. At least for us anyway. Many thanks.
Gordon Scott, Livingston, Texas

Michell has been our corporate attorney for over 12 years. She is personable, intelligent, and has represented Advertising Systems Inc. in an outstanding manner. In addition to commercial collections and collection litigation, Michell has supported Advertising Systems Inc. in business contract development and corporate asset protection issues. I have and will continue to strongly recommend Michell / Bradie, Bradie & Bradie to any national corporation or business entity with operations in the Greater Houston, TX market.
Roger Siegle – Pres. of Advertising Systems, Inc., Tomball, TX

I had a perfect experience getting my will written. The education that I received makes me feel at peace. Now I know that what ever happens to me that my wife will not have to worry about any of our assets. I feel as if we have found a new friend also.
Terry Mills, Magnolia, Texas

Michell developed a legal consent form at a reasonable cost and did it very quickly! I have also seen Michell in court. You want Michell on *your* side, and I would have no reservations hiring her again.
Chris O’Rourke – Outback Western Wear LLC, Magnolia, TX

JohnTheesPicMichell Bradie has been our attorney since 2005 when she counseled my wife and I and wrote updated wills, medical powers of attorney and statutory powers of attorney for us. She provides excellent, professional service at a reasonable price and is easy to reach via email or phone. I highly recommend her and her firm, Bradie, Bradie & Bradie.
John Thees, Magnolia, Texas

JanicMcRaePicSince my husband was diagnosed with ALS we have known that we needed to get his affairs in order, but did not know where to start. My daughter-in-law recommended we see Michell and I am glad we did. She was so sweet to explain everything in language that we could understand and helped us decided just which documents we needed. She also made us aware of things we had no clue about. She is a very compassionate, caring person who makes her clients feel they could not be in better hands. We recommend her highly.
Janice McRae, Conroe, Texas

edieRecently, I sent a very special referral to Michell–my in-laws! Since my father in law was diagnosed with ALS last year, our family has gone through several changes. Recently, it has become apparent that his affairs needed to be put in order and they really didn’t know where to start. I immediately thought of Michell and knew that she would give them the time, attention and advice that they desperately needed. She over-delivered! My in-laws were immediately won over by her knowledge, compassion and truly felt they had someone in their corner, legally speaking! Thanks Michell for making a difficult situation easier to bear as you have given our family much needed peace of
Edie Johnson McRae, Conroe, Texas

Originally Peter Bradie advised me as to the most appropriate business organization to establish for my business. When Michell became the senior partner, she continued to serve my business in the same manner that I had experienced with her father. When an issue presents itself, I know to call Michell immediately to have it resolved in the most time and cost efficient manner possible. Michell is very personable, trustworthy, diligent, responsible and committed to serve her clients in their best interest. It is without any reservations that I recommend Michell as an attorney at law. It is an honor to do so.
Tom Grayson, Magnolia, TX

VanceLanePicA neighbor asked if I knew a lawyer & I referred y’all.
She thinks you’re awesome & hasn’t stopped thanking me for giving her your name.
Great Job!
Vance Lane

MichelleCollinsPicI Highly recommend Michell Bradie. She has been our family’s lawyer providing Wills and Medical Power of Attorneys, but has also been our business lawyer too, providing not only advice but paperwork needed. She is extremely professional and does everything with 100%. She is very thorough and I would not hesitate in referring her, and have many times. Also Michell is a Huge Part of the Community and does a lot for others. I am honored, Michell, to be a client and a friend. Thank you.
Michelle Wells Collins, Magnolia, Texas

CharlotteNicksPicCan’t say enough about the positive, friendly and professional experience Paul and I had with Bradie, Bradie & Bradie Law Firm in updating our wills recently. Michell (Mik-KELL) Bradie and her mother, Anna Bradie, are a wonderful team. An interesting note is that Anna and Michell were the first mother-daughter team in the nation to go through law school together! Incredibly thorough and thoughtful in working through our questions and concerns. FYI: Rates are very reasonable–isn’t that one of your first thoughts? We will use them again should a need occur. Michell and I met as members of the Magnolia Parkway Chamber of Commerce a few years ago. From that association, I recommended her firm to friends who now recommend her to their friends and so on!
Charlotte & Paul Nicks, Magnolia/The Woodlands Area

Michell’s integrity is clearly outstanding. Not only have we worked together with events and the chamber of commerce, but she also has fulfilled some legal work for me. Her intelligence gives her the edge on many. Her positive outlook is a plus.
Anne Sundquist, Magnolia, TX

Michell Bradie is the epitome of a business partner. I have had the pleasure of working with Michell in several different capacities and in each situation her guidance and expertise was invaluable. I first went to Michell to setup various legal documents including wills, financial power of attorneys and medical power of attorneys. Her firm took the time to understand our current situation and our future plans to ensure these documents were as valuable as possible to us. Michell is so trusted by our immediate and large extended family that we now all use her for these services. When one of my family members had a medical emergency and needed some legal counsel, Michell was there for us. Her professionalism and personal touch are beyond compare. I last had the opportunity to work with Michell in the setup of a new business venture. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with a business attorney who took the time to partner with me to understand my mission and vision for my company. Not only did she assist me with all of the business setup requirements and legal business document setups, she also assisted me by giving me an outstanding list of referrals of individuals to utilize for other business services such as a CPA and commercial realty. All of her referrals have also done an outstanding job for me. I would highly recommend Michell to any individual or business. She is truly a pleasure to work with and continually exceeds my expectations. I will continue to rely on her for my personal and professional legal needs. She has been my attorney since 2000.
Melanie Woods, Spring, TX

I could not be more pleased with the results that Michell and her firm have delivered to my company in helping to collect our outstanding receivables, and in resolving difficult client and account issues. Remarkably patient, prompt and responsive to our questions and concerns, she has repeatedly proven to be a dedicated, results oriented professional. I can only offer the highest possible recommendation of her services.
Chuck Snelling, Credit Manager, Marketshare

Michell Bradie has been my personal attorney for a number of years and has always been extremely helpful and quick to answer any questions personally. I have recommended Michell to a friend who also has been very pleased. The newsletters are really helpful, and I like this extra service. This firm is highly recommended!
Nancy Latimer

Michell is very honest, trustworthy, and will help anyone be at ease with legal decisions that need to be made. She has been our attorney since 2004 (hired more than once).
Velta Worley, Spring, TX

I stumbled upon while researching a Statute of Limitations issue on Google. I emailed an inquiry basically asking a few legal questions. I didn’t expect to get a response back, but got a very polite and precise answer within an hour. Michell Bradie was polite and concise and helpful when I didn’t expect it. If I lived in TX, I would only use this firm. Thanks again!
Brent Kuykendall, Asherville, AL

Michell did an excellent job at preparing all of my legal documents. She was so friendly, yet professional. She answered each of my questions beyond my expectations. It is nice knowing that she is only a phone call away in the event that changes need to be made to legal documents. She can do it all; from a simple will, power of attorney, to business things.
Misti Whitt, Montgomery, TX

Michell is an Amazing attorney. Not only does she provide answers in an easy to understand way. She is great at what she does, not only does she communicates throughout the whole time you are working with her, she is very good in keeping up with you and updating you about the progress of your case. I would hire her again! She not only cares for you, she makes sure that you are protected against little things you might forget during your case. Great Attorney and her knowledge of the law just amazes me!
Mario Rosales, Tech-Life Balance/Gen X MS, Montgomery, TX

I spoke with Ms. BRADIE this morning about a legal matter. She was very kind to advise me and tell me what I should do. Thank you for your time and help!
Eddy Nelson, Houston, TX

Michell Bradie is thorough, knowledgeable and patient with all requests. Bottom line — Complete satisfaction with this firm.
Mike & Angie Byrd, Houston, TX

Michell was very helpful as my wife and I drafted our first will. She made what could have been an overwhelming process simple and quick.
Ky Carlson, Conroe, TX

Michell has represented me 2 times, once for a business interest and once for a personal issue. I couldn’t have found better representation anywhere. I found her to be very thoughtful and knowledgeable in all facets. She approached all aspects of my needs in total consideration of my goals and ensured that I understood all the potential outcomes of decisions I made during the process. Long story short, I won’t hesitate to get her involved with any aspect of my future personal or business legal needs.
Doug Rush, Magnolia, Texas

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