Who Knows Your Passwords?

Please keep information on your passwords somewhere that your Executors in your Will or Agents under your financial power of attorney can […]

E-mailed Death Notice Is Really A Phishing Scam!

The link on the death notice takes consumers to a foreign domain where malicious software is […]

What You SHOULD Do BEFORE Filing For Divorce!

Know someone planning to divorce? Have them update their Will, Powers of Attorney, and beneficiary designations PRIOR to filing. If they […]

"Move Over, Slow Down" Law

The new “Move Over, Slow Down” law goes into effect Sept. 1, 2013. […]

So You Have A Legal Right To Do It....

Just because you have a legal right to do something doesn’t mean that you […]

Beware of Corporate Records Service Scam!

A client of mine just sent me an email asking if he really needed to pay Corporate Records Service $125 for by minutes to be recorded. The answer […]

Consumer Debt – What Should You Do?

I might be able to give you a few general pointers, for both the consumer and for businesses that extend credit to consumers. […]

Have You Had “The Talk”?

Okay, not that “talk”, but the other one; the one about what happens when you die or become […]

Hey, Backup!

In order for a business to be successful, it must stay in business. One of the reasons many businesses fail is the loss of their data. […]

Where Is Your Corporate Book?

Every entity, whether it is a corporation or an LLC (limited liability company), should keep and maintain a corporate or entity book… When is the last time that you saw your entity book? […]