June 2011 Newsletter

Do You Have An Emergency […]

Do You Have An Emergency Plan?

Recently we have heard of families and businesses forced to flee with short notice due to the threat of wildfires. Hurricane season is also upon us, so there is the possibility of future evacuations due to hurricanes. Every person and every business should have an emergency plan. Do you have […]

April 2011 Newsletter

Can Helping Someone Actually Hurt Them? Where Is Your Corporate […]

March 2011 Newsletter

We Are Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary, Beware! You May Loose Your Right To […]

Where Is Your Corporate Book?

Do you know where your corporate book is at? If you don’t, you should try to find […]

Beware! You May Lose Your Right To Trial!

Sometimes what seems like a good idea, or seems “fair” when quickly looked at can have far reaching and unintended consequence. There is some proposed legislation in Texas under House Bill No. 274 that could have a substantial impact on your right to even have a trial. Let me explain […]

Important - File Franchise Tax Returns, Even If No Tax Is Due!

It is important to file your franchise tax returns, even if no tax is due.

Most people form entities, such as corporations, in an attempt to protect themselves from personal liability for business debt.  However, if the corporate privileges are forfeited for failure to file a franchise tax report, or failure to pay taxes […]

Protecting Ourselves And Our Loved Ones, Personally And For Business

A. Personal Items We Should All Have:

Medical Power of Attorney
Statutory Durable Power of Attorney (for financial matters)

B. Personal Items We Should At Least Consider Having:

Directive to Physicians (also known as a “Living Will”)
Declaration In Event of Guardianship
Declaration In Event of Guardianship for Minor Children
Disposition of Remains

o   Life Insurance

Why Are LLCs So Popular?

Limited Liability Companies, also known as LLCs, have become a very popular form of business entity for several […]

October 2010 Newsletter

Trick or Treat?, The Truth About Revocable Living Trusts, What Is A […]