Documents For Divorce

If you, a friend, or a loved one is going through a divorce, what estate paperwork should you or they […]

When Do You Have Authority To Act As Agent Or Executor?

If you are listed as an Agent under a Power of Attorney, or an Executor in a Will, when do you have authority to act?

Powers of Attorney

Medical Power of Attorney:

For a Medical Power of Attorney, you only have authority to act when your “Principal” (the person making the Power of Attorney) is unable to make […]

Business Succession Planning – Who Can Write Checks?

Many of our clients have small businesses. Some may be the sole owner, or only have a few other people involved in their organization. So what happens if the principal person that is running the business suffers from some type of disability or dies? What happens to the […]

June 2011 Newsletter

Do You Have An Emergency […]

Do You Have An Emergency Plan?

Recently we have heard of families and businesses forced to flee with short notice due to the threat of wildfires. Hurricane season is also upon us, so there is the possibility of future evacuations due to hurricanes. Every person and every business should have an emergency plan. Do you have […]

May 2011 Newsletter

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February 2011 Newsletter

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January 2011 Newsletter

Where Is Your Will And Who Knows Where To Find It? IMPORTANT – File Your Franchise Tax Return, Even If No Taxes Are […]

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