When Do You Have Authority To Act As Agent Or Executor?

If you are listed as an Agent under a Power of Attorney, or an Executor in a Will, when do you have authority to act?

Powers of Attorney

Medical Power of Attorney:

For a Medical Power of Attorney, you only have authority to act when your “Principal” (the person making the Power of Attorney) is unable to make […]

Who Gets Your Retirement Accounts?

You might be surprised! Let’s look at the following examples.

Husband names wife as his beneficiary on his 401(k). Husband and wife divorce and the wife gives up any claim she has to the husband’s 401(k) in the divorce settlement. Husband never gets around to updating his beneficiary designation on the 401(k). Husband dies. Who […]

June 2011 Newsletter

Do You Have An Emergency […]

Do You Have An Emergency Plan?

Recently we have heard of families and businesses forced to flee with short notice due to the threat of wildfires. Hurricane season is also upon us, so there is the possibility of future evacuations due to hurricanes. Every person and every business should have an emergency plan. Do you have […]

May 2011 Newsletter

What You Need To Teach Your Young Adult, I Have A Will From Another State. Do I Need A Texas Will?, I Lost My Share Certificate. What Do I […]

Protecting Ourselves And Our Loved Ones, Personally And For Business

A. Personal Items We Should All Have:

Medical Power of Attorney
Statutory Durable Power of Attorney (for financial matters)

B. Personal Items We Should At Least Consider Having:

Directive to Physicians (also known as a “Living Will”)
Declaration In Event of Guardianship
Declaration In Event of Guardianship for Minor Children
Disposition of Remains

o   Life Insurance

October 2010 Newsletter

Trick or Treat?, The Truth About Revocable Living Trusts, What Is A […]

What Is A Contract?

Many books have been written on contracts. What contracts mean, how they apply, what happens if they are unclear, etc. Without going into all or the details, we thought we would just touch on some of the high […]

You Don’t Automatically Get The House

In Texas, you don’t automatically get the house just because your spouse dies.

Your spouse can leave their share to whomever they wish in their Will, otherwise the laws of intestacy say who gets their share. You might wind up owning your home with your in-laws… Kid you not!  If you would like to see what […]

Does the State of Texas have some of your money?

Many people have unclaimed property; from dormant bank accounts, to refunds from state agencies that have the wrong mailing address, to heirs of an estate that haven’t been located. Check to see if you have unclaimed property in the State of Texas at the link below. There is no charge to search. If you don’t […]