As strange as it may seem, I have never met some of my clients face to face.  The attorneys in our firm are licensed to practice law in the State of Texas, which means that we are able to help clients with their legal needs if they live anywhere in Texas, or if they claim Texas as their residence.

I have several clients that are presently stationed overseas, but they keep a house within the state, and intend to return here.  Since they “intend to return” to the State of Texas, and have an address that they claim as their residence, even though they are currently living overseas, then Texas is the state of their residence.

We prefer to meet our clients in person, since that usually allows us to communicate more clearly with one another, and make sure that we understand exactly what they would like.  However, that is not always practical.

As discussed, some of our clients are overseas and unable to meet in person.  We also have clients that reside in small towns in Texas that really do not want other people in their town to know their business, which sometimes includes the attorneys working in that town.  We also have clients that are family or friends of other local clients that want to prepare their documents, but don’t know anyone where they live, and would like to use someone that their family or friends trust.  Some just live in rural areas where there are no attorneys, or because of a physical aliment are unable to come in to visit an attorney and are too far away for the attorney to visit.

When we are unable to meet our clients face to face, we can still communicate by telephone and email to help them prepare the documents that they need.  Meeting face to face is always preferred, but the client’s needs can be met using other forms of communication.


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