Have you ever put something important away in a “safe place” that is so safe you can’t even remember where it is? Sure, we all have.

Your original Last Will and Testament is a very important document. Please put in an “easy to find” place, rather than a safe place. Also, let your Executors and Alternate Executors know where to find it.

If you keep it in a fire safe box, keep the key in it, and keep it unlocked. That way, if you are ever burglarized, they will open the box and find legal papers, which have no value to them. They will leave the papers. However, if you keep it locked and they can’t open the box, they will steal the whole thing.

If you are keeping it in a safe deposit box, you may want to add the people you’ve named as Executors as a signers on your box. If you let them know where the safe deposit box key is, you can save your estate the cost of drilling the box as well.

We often have to prepare new Wills for folks because they just can’t find their old Wills.

If our office has prepared your documents, please let us know where you are keeping them, and we will make a note about where to find them in our records too.


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