If you have prepared a Will, congratulations!  One study showed that 66% of all Americans do not even have a Will.  However, another study showed that of those folks that actually prepared Wills, close to 80% could not readily locate it.

Where are you keeping your Will, and who knows were to find it?

We recommend that if you prepare a Will, that you let your Executors and any Alternate Executors know (1) that you have a Will, and (2) where to find it.  It is not necessary that they know the contents of your Will or have a copy of it.

If you are going to keep it in a fire safe box in your home, and it is not a safe that is bolted to floor, we recommend that you keep it unlocked and keep  the key in it.  Do not put any jewelry or other valuables in there with with your legal documents.  That way, if you are ever burglarized, the burglar can open the box and see that there is nothing of any intrinsic value inside.  If the safe is locked, and they can’t get it open, the burglar will take the whole box with them.

If you are keeping your Will in a safe deposit box, you might consider listing the Executors and Alternate Executors as signers on the box, and let them know where you keep the key.


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